The Bottom Line: How a POS Register System Can Improve Your Profits

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While workplace crime costs large businesses billions each year, even small mistakes can lead to huge losses for smaller businesses. Mistakes, errors, and mismanagement of inventory can hurt a new company. With a POS register system, profits can be tracked as they're spent and accrued, whether you're talking about payroll, inventory, or sales. Here's how [...]

How The Right Point of Sale System Can Improve Your Customer Service

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Is it possible your Point of Sale System can improve customer service?  Let's find out... Welcome to the Digital Age, in which business relies on technology more than ever. Industries of all kinds have learnt to take advantage of technological resources to assist operations. As a responsible business owner, you know how important it is [...]

How to Improve Customer Service Through Employee Satisfaction

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One of the most effective ways to gain a loyal customer base is to provide exceptional service. In fact, 7 out of 10 customers report spending more and having increased loyalty for businesses that provide stellar customer service. If you've been wondering how to improve customer service in your restaurant then look no further. We've [...]

10 Essential Tips for Running a Successful Restaurant Business

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The revenue from the restaurant industry in the U.K. hits more than 37 billion pounds every year. This signals a huge potential for the already established as well as budding restaurants. However, to maintain such a huge revenue, restaurateurs have to deal with a lot of setbacks before realising profits. Perhaps this explains why 80 [...]