The Bottom Line: How a POS Register System Can Improve Your Profits

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While workplace crime costs large businesses billions each year, even small mistakes can lead to huge losses for smaller businesses. Mistakes, errors, and mismanagement of inventory can hurt a new company. With a POS register system, profits can be tracked as they're spent and accrued, whether you're talking about payroll, inventory, or sales. Here's how [...]

Seven Deadly Sins: 7 Common Mistakes That Can Kill Any Restaurant

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In this article we look at 7 common mistakes made in the Restaurant trade. Planning to open a new restaurant? Keep in mind the competition is tight. In the UK alone, there are more than 31,000 full-service restaurant locations. Surviving isn’t simply about offering amazing food. You’re still managing a business and this requires you [...]

Communication Techniques That All Restaurant Owners Need to Know

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In this blog we'll look at how good communication techniques can help your Restaurant succeed. There are over 86,000 restaurants in the UK, and your staff members have chosen to work at your particular establishment. Not only do you want to provide them with good working experiences, but you also want to give your customers [...]

How to Keep Restaurant Customers Coming Back for More

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In this article you'll discover why keeping restaurant customers coming back for more is vitally important to your succcess. According to the Guardian, in 2018, an average of two restaurants are closed each week in the UK. Larger chains are slimming down and independent restaurants are closing down. This closure is as a result of [...]